What We Do

Established in 2000, Alumni Employment Support provides employment assistance to graduates of the On Campus initiative. Upon graduation, students transition to AES to begin working full-time, typically in an area related to their stream of study in their final years with On Campus. The employment assistance provided by AES includes all aspects of attaining and maintaining employment—from the job search stage to on-the-job support—the focus always being advocacy for full inclusion, which is both the heart of our work as well as our true North Star.

The Nuts and Bolts (How it Works)

When graduates enter the Alumni Employment Support program, they are assigned to an employment facilitator to assist with an individualized job search, on-the-job training, and employer and coworker introductions/relationship development.

As the graduate becomes familiar with their job duties and as colleagues get to know the graduate, the employment facilitator gradually fades out of the workplace to ensure an authentic, natural and inclusive employment environment.

Yet even after the graduate is comfortable in their role and is attending work independently, their employment facilitator will remain as a point of contact for the graduate, and will touch base with management as well as their graduates on a regular basis to ensure things are going smoothly. They are also available to employers, colleagues, and graduates upon request at any time, and will reappear on the job scene if the graduate takes on a new task, or if they require assistance with executing their job duties accurately or efficiently.

Our Goal

Our mission is to locate employment relevant to the graduate’s interests and skills, and to assist with the creation of an inclusive workplace environment where the graduate can contribute as part of a team.

Some areas of employment include:

  • Restaurants
  • Retail Stores
  • Automotive Service Centres/Car Dealerships
  • Office Administration Roles
  • Recreation, Health & Fitness: Gyms, Ski Hills, Water Parks
  • Children’s Services: Daycares, Schools, Camps
  • Entertainment: Museums, Movie Theatres
  • General Labour/Warehouse Positions
  • And many more …

Alumni Support also encourages graduates to find volunteer placements as well. This allows for full involvement within the community and promotes opportunities to give back to others.

Community Support

We have many supporters throughout the community, and the number of allies grows consistently each year. We specifically wish to thank:

• SportChek

 • The Royal Alberta Museum

• Management Information Group

 • Driving Force