How to Apply

Please fill out an On Campus Application Form. The fastest way to get your application to us is to copy and paste it into an email and forward it to

You can also print a hard copy and mail it to: 

On Campus

6-123D Education North

University of Alberta

T6G 2G5

For applicants that prefer, you may call us at (780) 492-5988, email us at or fax us at (780) 492-7568 to receive an application package in the mail.

On Campus Application Form

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Contact Person: 

Date of Birth: 


Are you PDD Eligible?




Guardianship Status: (select one) 
1.What was the last school or program you attended? 

2.What are you doing now? (i.e. work-where, school-where) 

3.Why have you chosen On Campus? 

4.What is your understanding of On Campus? 

5.What are your present goals? (i.e. work, further education) 

6.How would attending On Campus help you reach your goals? 

7.What would you like to do after finishing university? 

8.What would you like to learn at the university? 

9.Are you interested in meeting new people and doing new things? 

10.What level of support do you require? (i.e. assistance with personal needs such as eating, toileting, changing; assistance in all situations and places on campus; assistance in new situations only; independent when in familiar situations) 

11.What interests do you presently have? (i.e. clubs, assocations, hobbies) 

12.Who do you usually do these with? (i.e. family, friends, church group) 

13.Do you have any health concerns of which we should be aware?