Students must be at least 18 years of age and be PDD eligible in order to attend the program. 

Originally, On Campus accepted eight students of varying abilities, including two students who had been labeled ‘profoundly multiply handicapped.’ Over the past 25 years, much has changed as the program has evolved and matured. Today, eleven students attend the program, each for approximately four years. Students with multiple disabilities continue to be included in the program, with the assistance of two personal support workers who assist these students exclusively.

Students are selected for the program based on a number of criteria. The students' desire to attend, the families' commitment to support them, and the individual's interests are among the central qualities looked for in applicants. An openness to trying new things and a flexibility and diversity in courses of interest are also a consideration, as course availability fluctuates and sometimes first choices are unavailable.

Once an application is received, it is kept on file until spaces become available. Graduation of the original students was staggered, in order to allow for students to be accepted on a semi-regular basis rather than once every four years. All applicants will be invited to meet with our staff to mutually determine suitability for the program. After all prospective students have been interviewed, the information gathered is sent to an intake committee to determine which students will be selected. To ensure a fair process, all identifying information about the applicants is omitted.

As we approach the 30th year of the inception of On Campus, upwards of 60 students will have completed their studies at the University of Alberta.

For information regarding PDD funding, please contact:

Edmonton Region

Persons with Developmental Disabilities Program

Park Plaza

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Edmonton, AB T5J 4Z7

Telephone: 780-427-4354

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