How Does On Campus Support Students In Class?

Staff members do not accompany students to their classes (unless a student has a severe and profound disability and is in need of one-to-one support from a personal facilitator).

All other students are supported in their classes by fellow classmates who have volunteered to do so. An educational facilitator will attend the first class of the semester to talk about On Campus and ask for two or three students who would be willing to provide some support to the student in class—even just to be a "friendly face." The duties of the volunteers will vary depending on the On Campus student and their needs. Some ways that volunteers might support the student include answering questions, facilitating inclusion in group projects, sharing copies of their notes, and as a contact for the facilitator. Facilitators keep in frequent touch with the volunteers and instructors throughout the semester to make sure things are going well in class. Minimally, volunteers may help the On Campus student to find a seat in class or arrange to sit together. Often, such a simple gesture can help reduce the stress level of our students and help to foster a culture of acceptance within the class environment.

Facilitators and students meet several times per week for Class Review. This is a regularly scheduled time where students and facilitators meet to discuss class information, clarify information as necessary as well as to provide assistance and support to complete modified class assignments.

Students and their facilitators work together to develop Educational Goals for each class the student attends. Educational goals help the student to get as much as possible out of every class and facilitates learning on an individual level.

In every class the student, facilitator, volunteers, and professors work as a team to facilitate the inclusion and learning of the individual attending the class.