What Are Classes Like?

On Campus students attend regular university classes. University of Alberta classes come in a wide range of sizes. Students can expect anywhere from 20 to 300 people per class.

On Campus students attend classes as a guest of the instructor. On Campus students are like unofficial auditors and do not receive marks or credit. However, our students experience classes in the same way as every other student by participating in class lectures, labs, group projects and assignments. All assignments and group work is modified to meet the capabilities of the individual student.

Students may opt to write exams or complete assignments. Every student is encouraged to participate in class work regardless of their disability. We maintain high expectations for all the students in our program and challenge students to work to their full potential. However, exams or assignments are not a mandatory requirement for every student. Student participation in class is subject to the comfort and confidence level of individual students and typically increases as the student progresses throughout their four year program of study.